Cleaning & Care of Your Oriental Rugs

For over 2, 500 years, oriental rugs have been used in the East by nomads and villagers for warmth and beauty. More recently in the West, they have graced homes with their art and luxury, and go with any decor. An Oriental rug is a purchase for a lifetime and when properly maintained will last for generations. The information below offers simple, basic advice for the protection and care of your investment.

The Wonders of Wool

Oriental rugs are generally made of wool and are easily and economically maintained. Rugs of wool are extremely durable and consistently out-perform other materials. Unlike other fibers, wool is much more resilient, cleans better, and stays clean longer.


Your trusted professional Oriental rug cleaners will insure a skilled cleaning that brings out the richness of color and softness of the wool. Depending on the amount of traffic, a professional washing is recommended every one to three years for the cleaning of your oriental rug.

Note: Never dry clean or steam clean your rug or carpet!

Dry cleaning is a chemical process that is detrimental to the lifespan of your handknotted wool and silk rug.

Steam cleaning leaves chemicals in the fiber, which is harmful to the longevity of the fine wool rug. Steam cleaning renders the wool material rough by removing its natural oils. The damage cannot be reversed!


To insure even wear, your rug should be rotated once a year. Depending on the traffic, the rotation may vary from six months to two years.


Oriental rugs, like most carpeting, should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dirt and restore life to the fibers. Be sure not to vacuum the fringe.


A quality pad used under your rug helps protect it from dirt, wear and slippage. We will be happy to provide you with the correct padding.

Restoration – Refringing and or Reweaving

In case of damage, just about any problem has a solution with a professional restoration. Old and antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven where worn and restored to life. Newer rugs are rarely in need of repair. An experienced professional must always be consulted in these matters.

Refringing rugs in Ottawa Quality carpets and rugs purchased from Beckwith Galleries, when properly serviced and attended to, can last several years. Unfortunately, though, with regular use, wear and tear can occur. As mentioned above, routine vacuum cleaning and foot traffic can deteriorate the fringes of your carpet or rug, whether partly or completely.

Beckwith Galleries has significant expertise in carpet restoration; our skillful specialists will first clean your carpet, examine the scope of the damage, remove the damaged fringing, and replace it with newly hand knotted thread. Please contact Beckwith Galleries and we can arrange to have your beloved carpet or rug looking as good as new!

Blotting & Stain Removing

When spills occur, dilute with plenty of water. Next, blot from the edge of the spill towards the center. Avoid rubbing the area. For solid spills, take a spoon and carefully scoop-up the material. It is always best to attack the spill immediately. To help you eliminate most stains, please view our online Spot Removal Guide.

For further advice, visit our contact page or email us directly. We will be glad to help.